Ala Moana Center

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Arrive at Kailua! (Episode20)

We arrived at Kailua. It took about 45 minutes by bus from Ala Moana Center. I don’t know why but we were always hungry during trip. So I ate guava pancakes in Cinnamon's Restaurant as soon as we arrived at Kailua. Anyway I saw lots of wild chicken there.
Hawaii journal

Ala Moana Center (Episode35)

We decided to go Ala Moana Center by trolley. However, it seems that there are places trolley do not stop depending on the time and place. Once the trolley has passed the trolley stop, it is advisable to check the signs.
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First time to get on Trolley in Hawaii (Episode36)

I headed to Ala moana center by trolley. We felt so good apart from can look at beautiful view because of no window. And we were really surprised by how large this mall was.
Hawaii journal

The first part of story in Ala Moana Center (Episode37)

Ala Moana center has various kind of shops. Because of too huge, it was difficult to find the shop we aim. But it was very convenient for us to buy souvenir and others. I took advantage in this mall the day after as well.
Hawaii journal

The latter half of Ala Moana Center! (Episode38)

We met “HONEY GIRL ORGANICS” in Hawaii. Our skin became smooth and we continue to buy them after that. I want to introduce website of “HONEY GIRL ORGANICS” below. And also We had them put our comic in their website. Thank you very much.
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Ala Moana Center again! (Episode48)

We visited Ala Moana Center again. The reason we came here again is because we could not visit shops due to lost yesterday. There are lots of famous shops here. It's a shopping mall that you won't get tired of all day long.
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Ala Moana Center again part2 (Episode49)

Shave ice is popular sweets in Hawaii. The characteristic of Island Vintage Coffee is that it uses natural syrup made from fruits without preservatives and sweeteners. The items used for toppings, yogurt, and ice cream are also organic. The "Tropical Island" we ordered contained a thick soft serve ice cream in a syrup of mango and pineapple. The rice cake served was also sweet, tender and delicious. By the way, the "salmon roe" we were talking about is a kind of sweet called "popping Boba".