自己紹介と目次/Self-introduction and Sitemap

Hawaii journal

The latter half of Ala Moana Center! (Episode38)

We met “HONEY GIRL ORGANICS” in Hawaii. Our skin became smooth and we continue to buy them after that. I want to introduce website of “HONEY GIRL ORGANICS” below. And also We had them put our comic in their website. Thank you very much.
Hawaii journal

The first part of story in Ala Moana Center (Episode37)

Ala Moana center has various kind of shops. Because of too huge, it was difficult to find the shop we aim. But it was very convenient for us to buy souvenir and others. I took advantage in this mall the day after as well.
Hawaii journal

First time to get on Trolley in Hawaii (Episode36)

I headed to Ala moana center by trolley. We felt so good apart from can look at beautiful view because of no window. And we were really surprised by how large this mall was.
Hawaii journal

Ala Moana Center (Episode35)

We decided to go Ala Moana Center by trolley. However, it seems that there are places trolley do not stop depending on the time and place. Once the trolley has passed the trolley stop, it is advisable to check the signs.
Hawaii journal

Afternoon tea in the veranda at the Beachhouse. (Episode34)

I had so many first experiences in Hawaii. This afternoon tea is one of them. As you can see, it's quite a volume, but it's delicious so I was able to eat it all. Afternoon tea while watching the sea and listening to the sound of the waves at "The Veranda" along the beach. I had a very nice time.
Hawaii journal

Enchanted Waikiki Beach (Episode33)

I finally swum in Waikiki beach at 3rd day my trip. It was very convenient for us to go there because our hotel has direct aisle to go beach. So I changed into a swimsuit in our room in hotel. Anyway Waikiki beach was also very beautiful. I want to go Snorkeling and diving in the next time.
Hawaii journal

Let’s go to LULU’S WAIKIKI (Episode32)

We went to LULU'S WAIKIKI for lunch. There is a sign written in Japanese which says that this restaurant has the most delicious loco moco in Hawaii in entrance. Loco Moco gravy sauce is not very strong and has a gentle taste. The juicy hamburger steak and rich soft-boiled egg taste will stand out. The hamburger patty tastes beef. Every time you chew, juicy flavor overflows. The potato is a slightly thicker type. The inside was moist and the outside was fluffy and I ate while competing with my husband.
Hawaii journal

Honolulu zoo (Episode31)

We went to Honolulu zoo. I don't know why there were few animals when we went. when I examined the review of the zoo, there were two extremes: those who said "there were no animals" and those who said "I could play all day long". If you plan to go to Honolulu Zoo, you may want to contact zoo in advance.
Hawaii journal

The 3rd day/Acai bowl in Jamba Juice (Episode30)

Breakfast with Acai bawl of Jamba juice. The acai bowl here is just a tremendous amount. Plenty of bananas, blueberries, sweet honey and topped coconuts were also very good. And, the amount of acai sorbet. Even though it was hot in Hawaii with plenty of it in the morning, my body got cold at once. It may be good to order a warm drink with you.
Hawaii journal

Can we communicate in Japanese in Hawaii? (Episode29)

We could not speak Japanese in Hawaii rather than I expected. Especially If we don't take advantage agency, we need to take care it. Basically, I think it is better to prepare for the minimum English with the recognition that it is an English-speaking country. I was really lucky due to learning minimum English. I think that in case we can speak English or not affects the fun of trip. I became more and more motivated to study English. Anyway we saw lots of beautiful beaches like Kailua and Lanikai in the 2nd day. It was really beautiful.