Guava pancakes

Hawaii journal

Arrive at Kailua! (Episode20)

We arrived at Kailua. It took about 45 minutes by bus from Ala Moana Center. I don’t know why but we were always hungry during trip. So I ate guava pancakes in Cinnamon's Restaurant as soon as we arrived at Kailua. Anyway I saw lots of wild chicken there.
Hawaii journal

The appetite continues endlessly (Episode21)

For some reason we were always hungry during our trip to Hawaii. Is it because it's moving more than usual? The first meal in Kailua was Guava pancakes in Cinnamon's Restaurant. It was sweet and sour and very delicious. Still, I was hungry, so I searched for a restaurant to eat CC Cookies & Cream ice cream, but unfortunately it was closed and I couldn't eat it. Did God tell you that you ate too much?