このサイトは、夫婦で行ったハワイ旅行のエッセイ漫画を中心にやましーの漫画作品を公開しているサイトです。 「初めてのハワイ旅行記」 に関しては、ハワイ、オワフ島のグルメ、観光スポット、現地の雰囲気を体験のままに描き上げています。今後旅行を予定されている方は旅程の参考に、行った事がある方はその時を思い出す事で、楽しい気持ちになれれば幸いです。
Hawaii journal

First Hawaii travels

Hello! This is Hawaii journal blog we have been to. I will show a lot of interest in Hawaii like food, sightseeing spot, atmosphere in Oahu island. Please come here and enjoy comic! I decided to show everyone in the world “初めてのハワイ旅行記/First Hawaii Travels” someday. Although this is just memory with my wife, It was the great experience and the best one for us. I want to introduce this comic somehow by English. Firstly Japanese. Someday I will translate in English.
Hawaii journal

The event that let us decide to go to Hawaii (Episode1)

This was first time to go to Hawaii for us and get on premium economy of JAL. Travel agency was JTB. I enjoyed 6 days Oahu island journal. Premium economy was...
Hawaii journal

Arrive in Hawaii (Episode2)

We arrived at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport at 10AM 23d May 2018. And we went to Waikiki by ourselves without JAL tour service in spite of first time visit here to go KAKAAKO and DOWNTOWN on our way to Waikiki. There were lots of kind person here.
Hawaii journal

Payment method in Hawaii’s restaurant (Episode6)

This was first time to pay in Hawaii's restaurant. We were straggle to pay due to no experience in spite of that we had learned how to pay in Japan. This blog fill out how to pay in Hawaii's restaurant. Though there might be different shops and different say, beginner can pay by this method.Tip means salary for waiter/waitress serving meals and confirming our order. So, it is not necessary to pay tips in the place where we bring meal by myself like food court or Starbacks.
Hawaii journal

A bold night (Episode28)

After coming back to hotel, it is moment of happiness that we are relaxing with a cup of coffee in veranda. The sound of the waves, the relaxed music, I liked it very much. This atmosphere made me feel bold.
Hawaii journal

Can we communicate in Japanese in Hawaii? (Episode29)

We could not speak Japanese in Hawaii rather than I expected. Especially If we don't take advantage agency, we need to take care it. Basically, I think it is better to prepare for the minimum English with the recognition that it is an English-speaking country. I was really lucky due to learning minimum English. I think that in case we can speak English or not affects the fun of trip. I became more and more motivated to study English. Anyway we saw lots of beautiful beaches like Kailua and Lanikai in the 2nd day. It was really beautiful.
Hawaii journal

First time to get on Trolley in Hawaii (Episode36)

I headed to Ala moana center by trolley. We felt so good apart from can look at beautiful view because of no window. And we were really surprised by how large this mall was.
Hawaii journal

Whole Foods Market (Episode46)

We went to Whole Foods Market next to Custom burger. There are groceries, snacks, drinks, cosmetics etc there. Is it general to eat selling food in shop in Hawaii. I was very surprised.
Hawaii journal

Rainbow in Hawaii (Episode47)

There are a lot of cute and wonderful traditions regarding rainbow in Hawaii. For instance, The Hawaiian rainbow was made by 6 dwarfs, so there are 6 colors. Wishes come true when you see the double rainbow. Etc… It is beautiful tradition.