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Hawaii journal

Enchanted Waikiki Beach (Episode33)

I finally swum in Waikiki beach at 3rd day my trip. It was very convenient for us to go there because our hotel has direct aisle to go beach. So I changed into a swimsuit in our room in hotel. Anyway Waikiki beach was also very beautiful. I want to go Snorkeling and diving in the next time.
Hawaii journal

Ala Moana Center (Episode35)

We decided to go Ala Moana Center by trolley. However, it seems that there are places trolley do not stop depending on the time and place. Once the trolley has passed the trolley stop, it is advisable to check the signs.
Hawaii journal

ALOHA spirit (Episode40)

I met lots of people in Hawaii who are generous and heartwarming atmosphere. I believe Hawaii spirits, Compassion, Harmonious, Happiness, Honest, Patience.
Hawaii journal

Thank you for everything in Hawaii (Episode52)

Actually I had thought that Hawaii is decent place. It is popular and talented people come here. But just it. I had thought that way. However, A gorgeous and cheerful town, Beautiful nature and delicious food carefully protected in it. We were experienced to so much kindness and warmth in Hawaii. So we understood why Hawaii was so loved. So I decided to keep the memories of this trip in the way I could on my return flight.