Hawaii journal

Go to Waikiki (Episode13)

Waikiki where we saw many people’s happy smiles and laughter, lots of performances were on street, we felt time flowing with warm breeze and relaxing music. It made us feel like we were in a dream.
Hawaii journal

Husband burned and scattered (Episode41)

I usually deeply search something when I travel. Although I had searched a lot, we could not see fireworks. I definitely see it in the next time. I heard that the fireworks in Waikiki was every Friday. It is definitely beautiful.
Hawaii journal

Rainbow in Hawaii (Episode47)

There are a lot of cute and wonderful traditions regarding rainbow in Hawaii. For instance, The Hawaiian rainbow was made by 6 dwarfs, so there are 6 colors. Wishes come true when you see the double rainbow. Etc… It is beautiful tradition.
Hawaii journal

Result of give way to each other (Episode50)

Eggs 'n Things is said that it brought the pancake boom to Japan. The most popular are strawberry and cream and macadamia nut pancakes. The volume is amazing. Five pancakes topped with fresh cream and macadamia nuts. My husband ate "bacon, spinach, cheese omelet". Cheese came out from the inside of the soft egg, and it went well with bacon and spinach, and it was very delicious. The last dinner in Hawaii was very delicious.
Hawaii journal

The last night in Hawaii travel (Episode51)

Everything in Hawaii is a precious memory. “The bus” Thank you for its help from the first day. “MOKU KITCHEN” We didn't understand how to order and pay for it due to first meal. “Trolley” Driver was kindness. “Bicycle in Kailua” Although it was tired, beach was very beautiful. “Diamond head” I don't believe that we climbed there today. “Steak of Wolfgang's Steakhouse” It was very delicious. “Acai bowl” at the first time. “Kona coffee and fruits Smoothie.” I can not forget everything. I definitely come back here again someday.