Lanikai beach

Hawaii journal

Let’s go to Kailua (Episode19)

We went to Kailua in 2nd day of Hawaii trip. Speaking of Kailua, Macadamia nut pancakes in Boots & Kimo's, Guava pancakes in Cinnamon's Restaurant, Colorful cookies in CC Cookies & Cream, And beautiful Kailua beach and Lanikai beach that is the most beautiful in US. There were lots of famous sightseeing spots there!
Hawaii journal

Heavenly sea, Let’s go Lanikai beach (Episode24)

We went to Lanikai beach said heavenly sea. I heard that this location of No.6 sign is the most beautiful. It was the most beautiful sea I’ve ever seen. Rent bicycle was very useful for us when we go somewhere we want to go. My wife was struggle to use bicycle. But it was good memory.