Waikiki beach

Hawaii journal

Waikiki at night (Episode16)

Live music performance was performing on the stage beside beach in Hotel we stayed. It seemed like dream to see beautiful beach of Waikiki, Diamond head and to listen to Live music. I love veranda of my room. I settled down in veranda during stay.
Hawaii journal

The 3rd day/Acai bowl in Jamba Juice (Episode30)

Breakfast with Acai bawl of Jamba juice. The acai bowl here is just a tremendous amount. Plenty of bananas, blueberries, sweet honey and topped coconuts were also very good. And, the amount of acai sorbet. Even though it was hot in Hawaii with plenty of it in the morning, my body got cold at once. It may be good to order a warm drink with you.
Hawaii journal

Enchanted Waikiki Beach (Episode33)

I finally swum in Waikiki beach at 3rd day my trip. It was very convenient for us to go there because our hotel has direct aisle to go beach. So I changed into a swimsuit in our room in hotel. Anyway Waikiki beach was also very beautiful. I want to go Snorkeling and diving in the next time.