Means of transport in Oahu Island (Episode3)

There are 4 kinds of means of transport in Oahu island. These are “The bus”, “Trolley”, “Taxi”, “Rent car”. Our best recommendation is “The bus”. You can go anywhere and freely get on and off many times once buying 1 day pass that cost is $5.5. It is unlimited travel pass entire day. Furthermore you can use app that name is “Da Bus” for smart phone. It can see where bus is when bus is coming the bus stop. It very convenient for traveler. And it is free download.


As of 2021 April, ticket fee changed from $2.5 to $2.7. And ticket made of paper was abolished. Instead of that, we can buy HOLO Card in Foodland Farms Ala Moana or times.

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Means of transport in Oahu Island

My recommended tour agency is JTB this comic describes. Of course HIS and 楽天トラベル are also good. And if you want to check review about sightseeing spot, restaurant, and hotel, when you plan to go travel, Please check TripAdvisor and 食べログ.

If you go trip by your yourself, I recommend and Expedia when you book hotel. And I also recommend to take mobile WiFi. ->グローバルWiFi

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