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Let’s go to beautiful Kailua beach by cycling (Episode22)

When you go to beach in Kailua, we recommend to rent bicycle. The rent bicycle we take advantage in is “Kailua Bicycle”. It was relief because staff is Japanese and of course they can speak Japanese. When we rent it 2 years ago, bicycles specification was little different from Japanese one like this comic. I heard these bicycles was changed and now all bicycle have brakes on handle, gear, basket in front, and key. It became more useful for Japanese.
Hawaii journal

Kailua beach (Episode23)

We went to Kailua beach after parking our bicycle rented from “Kailua bicycle-san”. Pure white sand, transparent emerald green ocean. This was beautiful ocean I was looking for. We had comfortable cycling while looking scenery by bicycle. I strongly recommend to rent bicycle in Kailua.
Hawaii journal

Heavenly sea, Let’s go Lanikai beach (Episode24)

We went to Lanikai beach said heavenly sea. I heard that this location of No.6 sign is the most beautiful. It was the most beautiful sea I’ve ever seen. Rent bicycle was very useful for us when we go somewhere we want to go. My wife was struggle to use bicycle. But it was good memory.