Let’s go to beautiful Kailua beach by cycling (Episode22)

When you go to beach in Kailua, we recommend to rent bicycle. The rent bicycle we take advantage in is “Kailua Bicycle”. It was relief because staff is Japanese and of course they can speak Japanese. When we rent it 2 years ago, bicycles specification was little different from Japanese one like this comic. I heard these bicycles was changed and now all bicycle have brakes on handle, gear, basket in front, and key. It became more useful for Japanese.

If you would like to read Japanese version, please go below.

Let's go to beautiful Kailua beach by cycling
Kailua bicycle
How to handle rent cycle
It was difficult to handle rent bicycle
How to stand bicycle
The differences between Japanese bicycle and Hawaiian one

My friend, bicycle.

My friend bicycle.

Here is website of Kailua Bicycle-san. If you go to Kailua, I definitely recommend to rent cycle. You will see beautiful beach freely by it.

I was very relief in terms of Japanese staff. I also recommend that!

カイルアバイシクル KAILUA BICYCLE – ハワイカイルア ラニカイ&ピルボックス レンタル自転車で大満喫編

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